6 week training for parents

Nick’s training course for parents aims to; build an understanding of behaviour, introduce Transformative Communication techniques to increase resilience and improve the relationship between parent and child.

Nick also recognises that parents live in ‘survival mode’ for much of the time and gives several tools and tips to move to a more positive mindset. Thus, reducing the barriers to a parent building the best possible relationship with their child.

Course Outline

This training takes the form of 6 X 1.5 hour sessions for groups between 8-12. Nick is available to deliver this training in person (at a venue agreed by the education setting) or online.

Week 1: ‘How does Nick know?’

Nick welcomes the parents and discusses his Transformative Communication approach, brought together by his 16 years of working with parents and professionals in education settings. Nick outlines the plan for the weeks ahead and the parents also get the opportunity to talk about what brings them to the course.

Week 2: ‘What’s the Story?’

This session highlights the importance of the child’s ‘inner voice’ – the story that governs everything they say and do. Expanding on how the inner voice comes to be, Nick begins to elaborate on how and why a child displays their lack of resilience through behaviour. Understanding of the inner voice is critical to any positive change.

Week 3: ‘Superpowers’

Parents will learn how to raise their child’s awareness of their very own ‘superpowers’. Nick gives specific and accessible Transformative Communication strategies for parents to use in order to lay the foundations of a positive inner voice for their child.

Week 4: ‘Challenge becomes opportunity’

Nick talks in detail about how to use Transformative Communication techniques to positively challenge negative behaviour and build resilience at the same time. This session also covers the most effective responses to children presenting with any worrying emotions.

Week 5: ‘State changers’

Having concentrated on strategies to use with children, Nick now gives the parents ideas to help them stay positive and well. The suggestions made throughout the course will only work if a parent is feeling confident and practices ‘self-care’, Nick has always believed ‘if the parent is ok, so the child will be too’.

Week 6: ‘Completion’

This final session is an opportunity to check in on how the parents are finding implementing the Transformative Communication strategies learnt on the course. Nick can do some troubleshooting should any of the parents be finding challenges to putting his approach into practice. The final session is also an opportunity for parents to air any queries that they feel have not been covered during the course.

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Contact details & FAQ

Whilst there are specific training options offered, I am happy to be flexible to provide the best service possible to you. You can find below the answers to some typical questions that clients may ask:

  • I have an Honours Degree in Human Communication
  • Training will normally take place within the client’s setting or online. Please contact me for more specific queries regarding distances I will travel to complete training
  • Training events available anytime on Mondays and/or Tuesday-Friday from 3:30pm. Enquiries are welcome between 7:45am-8:30pm
  • Should you cancel a training event within a month of the scheduled date, I will charge 50% of the full fee
  • In line with the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, please ensure a space cohesive with social distancing

Please get in touch if there are any unanswered queries you wish to discuss further, I will always aim to reply to messages within 48 hours.

Email: nick@duxresilience.co.uk

Tel: 07950812214