Specialist resilience training for business & the workplace

Nick is available for both bespoke consultancy and team training, aiming to achieve:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced staff absences
  • Quicker resolution to challenges

This approach helps to inspires a win-win culture where no challenge is insurmountable.

Resilience services & events

I am available for both bespoke consultancy and team training.


Nick provides consultancy for business leaders covering a wide range of issues, including;

  • Troublesome dynamics within your team
  • Members of the team not fulfilling their potential
  • Repetitive problematic conduct
  • Lack of confidence
  • Anxiety preventing team members from fulfilling their role

When an employee is not fulfilling their potential, it is the reaction of Leaders that will determine whether the situation reaches a positive resolution.

Consultancy is flexible but usually involves Nick liaising with senior leadership to ascertain the most pertinent support he can provide.


Team training looks at common factors that impact negatively on performance before sharing several tools to develop a positive, proactive and problem solving culture within your workforce.

Should individual or small group needs be identified, Nick is available to deliver solution focussed follow up to meet such needs.

Nick’s approach focuses individuals to look beyond negative perceptions and take responsibility in challenging situations. When a person can positively take such responsibility, they are free to maximise their potential.

Inspiring people to see that there is no challenge too big, Nick’s approach can increase productivity, reduce staff absences, save time wasted on negative procrastination, solve problematic dynamics and improve motivation and self-belief within your team.

Bespoke business training events

Nick provides training for up to 30 people but can be flexible to work to the needs of your business/team. The training events available are:

Team resilience training

Nick aims to briefly highlight how participants can fall into negative thought and belief cycles.

The focus then is to provide your team with ideas to help themselves become more positive, empowered and Resilient.

The goal is for team members to leave this training with tools to take positive responsibility for themselves, freeing them up to play a more powerful part in the team.

Creating a clear vision training

Goals are the road maps that guide individuals and teams to see what is possible for themselves. This training looks at short-term, individual, long-term and whole team vision – establishing what these visions are and then how to achieve them using the unique strengths within your team.

Nick takes into account the potential ‘roadblocks’ individuals and teams may encounter whilst trying to secure their vision, before empowering participants to know that their collective and individual attributes are greater than the challenges they face.

Problem solving training

This training is bespoke to the team involved and will require some prior consultation with Nick. Once Nick has established the problem that needs to be solved, he will provide a solution focussed approach.

Tapping into both the individual and collective skillset of the team, Nick helps participants develop practical ideas to overcome the challenges they face.

Improving team dynamics training

Nick gives participants the platform to air their issues before positively empowering all involved to find solutions.

The goal is for each participant to take positive responsibility for their part in the team dynamic, letting go of what they cannot control and being strong and proactive moving forward.

Maximising potential training

Maximising potential training brings together all of Nick’s experience and gives a flavour of the concepts from his other training events.

This training is available as a full-day event, allowing time for plenty of interaction to enable Nick to provide the most tailored approach for the team.

Bespoke business training formats

Training is available in the following formats:

2 hour ‘staff meeting’

Available in person or online.

Events available; Team Resilience training, Problem Solving training, Improving team dynamics training.

Half-day training

3 hours inclusive of a 20 minute break). Available in person or online.

Half-day training allows for more interaction with your team. Nick can then give more tailored support.

Events available; Team Resilience training, Creating a clear vision training, Problem Solving training, Improving team dynamics training.

Full-day training

Based on 9:30am-4pm inclusive of a lunch hour and two, 20 minutes breaks. Available in person or online.

Full-day training brings together a flavour of all of the events, culminating in a day packed with interaction, activities and bespoke strategies to support your team to maximise it’s potential.

Event available; Maximising potential training

The only limits to the possibilities in your life tomorrow are the buts you use today

Contact details & FAQ

Whilst there are specific training options offered, I am happy to be flexible to provide the best service possible to you. You can find below the answers to some typical questions that clients may ask:

  • I have an Honours Degree in Human Communication
  • Training will normally take place within the client’s setting or online. Please contact me for more specific queries regarding distances I will travel to complete training
  • Training events available anytime on Mondays and/or Tuesday-Friday from 3:30pm. Enquiries are welcome between 7:45am-8:30pm
  • Should you cancel a training event within a month of the scheduled date, I will charge 50% of the full fee
  • In line with the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, please ensure a space cohesive with social distancing

Please get in touch if there are any unanswered queries you wish to discuss further, I will always aim to reply to messages within 48 hours.

Email: nick@duxresilience.co.uk

Tel: 07950812214