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My name is Nick Dux. I am strong, I am committed, I am consistent, I am proactive and I am giving. A few years ago, writing those words about myself would have been followed by an uncomfortable wince!

For periods of time, I lived in a small comfort zone for fear of the panic and anxiety attacks that frequented my days. Perhaps it is not a surprise that I have chosen to work in children’s Mental Health for 16 years.

Through study, self-development and reconditioning, I been able to progress to a point I never would have thought possible.

Anything is possible when you change the story you tell yourself

For 2 years I have been self-employed, working in different schools to build resilience as a whole school approach. There are many aspects that make up this approach, including:

  • Leading education professionals in developing ‘Transformative Communication’ – an approach that builds a strong resilience in themselves and the children they work with
  • Building staff resilience, supporting professionals to recognise the tools they have to overcome the most challenging of situations and remove barriers to maximising their potential
  • Teaching whole classes about what resilience means and the skills that the children have that will help them to achieve their potential


Self-improvement is now a daily discipline in my life and has made a huge impact on me both personally and professionally.

Many of the tools I have used to transform my life are prevalent in building resilience with the individuals and teams that I work with.

I have a degree in Human Communication and a total of 16 years’ experience in mental health within education.

Thankfully, my experiences, career, learning, studies and extensive self-improvement work, have enabled me to develop powerful strategies that transcend education and can empower resilience in individuals and teams in any setting.

Success comes when you refuse to give up, with goals so strong that obstacles only act as motivation