Maximising potential for children and adults in schools

Nick empowers educators to reduce barriers to learning and build Resilience through ‘Transformative Communication’, an approach born out of eighteen years of experience supporting the mental health of young people in schools.

Children present with more complexity in a post-covid world where instant gratification and a worrying reliance on technology plays a part in creating more barriers to learning within school.

As frustrating as this for professionals, we must learn how to navigate this challenging landscape. Transformative Communication can support professionals to do just that.

If we transform the inner voice of a child, we will transform their Resilience, and subsequently, their engagement, behaviour and outcomes. Longer term, the goal is to make children’s strengths an ingrained part of their narrative, so they make decisions from a balanced standpoint, rather than from a position of vulnerability as young people (and adults for that matter) so often do.

Transformative Communication enables children and adults to; take responsibility for themselves, resolve conflict, operate out of their comfort zones and overcome challenging situations, circumstances and experiences in our ever-changing world.

Child connecting key terms from Transformative Communication
Nick Dux Presenting

“This was one of the most inspiring training events I have ever attended in my teaching career. Nick not only speaks with great passion, but has the ability to truly inspire and really make you question the practice and techniques you use to engage with children and young people, in a variety of educational establishments, in order to break down the barriers to learning and build Resilience" Denis Moran (The Diane Modahl Sports Foundation)

Specialist Resilience training for education settings

Nick works closely with schools to implement and oversee Transformative Communication techniques that lead to:

  • Positive changes in behaviour
  • Removal of barriers to learning
  • A happier and more resilient workforce

Nick now provides both remote and on-site training to introduce his approach to a wider audience.

Specialist Transformative
interventions for schools

Nick is available for both bespoke consultancy, whole school visioning and specialist input, drawing on eighteen years of experience to:

  • Increase levels of engagement
  • Experience sustainable resolution to challenges
  • Decrease lost learning time

This approach helps to inspire a culture of ‘Positive Resilience’ where no challenge is insurmountable.

Children creating a mind map

Transformative Communication enables children and adults to overcome challenging situations in our ever-changing world

Success comes when you refuse to give up, with goals so strong that obstacles only act as motivation

Nick Dux Presenting
Nick Dux Presenting

Nick Dux

With a background in improving Resilience in schools, personal experience of self-development, and a Human Communication degree, Nick Dux comes with a wealth of diverse experience and energy to promote positive change with teams in Education.

Contact details & FAQ

Whilst there are specific training options offered, I am happy to be flexible to provide the best service possible to you. You can find below the answers to some typical questions that clients may ask:

  • I have an Honours Degree in Human Communication
  • Training will normally take place within the client’s setting or online. Please contact me for more specific queries regarding distances I will travel to complete training
  • Training events available anytime on Mondays and/or Tuesday-Friday from 3:30pm. Enquiries are welcome between 7:45am-8:30pm
  • Should you cancel a training event within a month of the scheduled date, I will charge 50% of the full fee
  • In line with the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, please ensure a space cohesive with social distancing

Please get in touch if there are any unanswered queries you wish to discuss further, I will always aim to reply to messages within 48 hours.


Tel: 07950812214

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